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If we consider that the priorities and needs of each brand are different, we cannot talk about a uniform SEO analysis process.
Content Marketing
It is not possible to talk about a uniform content and orientation strategy as the goals of brands in content and orientation marketing may differ.
Data Analysis
The Process of Data Analysis must be constructed with the right structure. You can examine the steps taken during the process of data analysis below:
Experience Optimization
Experience Optimization includes many steps from A / B facilities to multivariate tests, user research, analytics data and personalization.

SEO Services


and Research

  • The market research
  • Cost Analysis and Proposal
  • Determination of Target Audience
  • Traffic Prediction
  • Onboarding
  • Competitor Analysis


Technical Process

  • Technical SEO Study
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Link Acquisition Strategy
  • Investigation of Link Profile



  • SEO Visibility Analysis
  • Organic Traffic Measurement
  • Optimization Studies

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There are hundreds of keywords for your products and services. Almost all of these keywords bring visitors to return to sale. SEO is the most affordable in terms of cost and the most successful in terms of impact. The reason is that it is not known which visitor to return to the sale after which search will come and therefore it is a study taking into account every possible keyword.

The most advantageous visitor channel: With SEO, the keywords that can attract a high number of organic visitors about your products and services are searched in search engines and your visitors are listed on the first page. As a result of this study, the visitor to your site is called organic visitor. Organic visitors coming from search engines have many advantages compared to visitors coming to the site with advertising channels.

Conversion to more sales: It is proved that organic incoming visitors generate more sales percentage with SEO work from search engines. In other words, visitors who come after SEO work buy more products. This is very natural because the Internet user has come up with a search for a product or service they need in the search engine with their own hands. In short, a visitor who knows what he is looking for.

More session time: As a result of the success achieved with SEO work, it is a statistical fact that the visitors who find you on the first page spend more time on your website compared to the visitors coming from other channels. The time spent on the site and the page circulation time is the most important SEO criteria. We recommend site owners to be more sensitive in this regard.



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